Queen of Dragons

I’m happy to have taken a lot of progress shots of the drawing I’ve been working on over the past few months, “Queen of Dragons”. Each layer of colored pencil is bringing out subtle changes and morphing the drawing completely every time I sit down to work on her!

Progress Shot - Queen of Dragons.jpg

The first layers are almost immeasurable in their differences; all of the subtle blue, purple, and orange tones are being worked in. I’ve been committed to shading completely in color and not to use any black or gray at all in this piece, which I’ve relied on heavily in the past. I don’t have a formula for color shading; I just pay very close attention to the color tones in the photo references that I used in this case. Without references, it’s much easier to develop the colors that you want. There are always “happy accidents” as well!

Progress Shot 2 -Queen of Dragons.jpg

If I had known that I would be spending so much time working on her, I would have spent a lot more time on proportions instead of mostly free-handing it, but I do like the way she’s turned out. I’m definitely excited to be finished!

Floral Triptych

Love, longing, and sadness.

Here are some rough sketches of a small series I’m starting; I’m really excited to see how they turn out! I’m working with some of my favorite things, including girls, flowers, and Abercrombie & Fitch dresses~

So far, I’ve spent about two hours bring my concept sketches to life, and the next step is to transfer them to nicer paper!

In other news, I’ve been approaching shops and tattoo artists that I admire lately in pursuit of an apprenticeship! I originally came to Edmonton in 2014 for this purpose, so it’s great to finally take steps toward the goal now that I’m happy with my portfolio. I’ve had mixed results so far, since none of the shops that I’ve approached wanted to take on an apprentice. I was able to show my portfolio at two out of the three, though, and got some useful critique from an artist whose work I greatly admire, and an enthusiastic response from the owner of the tattoo shop that would have been my number-one choice. I met two artists at the third shop whose work I’ve followed for some time now, and I got a little bit starstruck! but the owners weren’t at the shop that day.

Overall, I’m very excited to even talk to these people whose names I’m so used to but whose faces I’ve never seen. It’s a little strange, but I have so much admiration for the artists working in the industry!

Hopefully next week will go well for me!