I take commissions in various mediums and sizes, and accept payment through Etsy and Paypal!

img_20180107_0010 2017-anniversary-of-an-uninteresting-event IMG_20180401_0002 copy 4
$25 – $45  $50 – $80  $125 – 200
Minimalist sketch, no backdrop, up to 2hrs Detailed, with minimal backdrop, up to 8hrs Incredible fine detail, full backdrop, 15+ hrs


You can reach me at, or by using the following form~



Examples of previous commissions:

Hendrix - 2018 - Square Ariel - 2018 copy 2


“Jimi Hendrix in Sgt. Pepper jacket.”


“The little mermaid and Flounder.”
Shishkebab - 2018 adamantium-for-james-20171-e1527187659298.png


“Draw a molerat!”


“Magneto ripping apart Wolverine’s skeleton.”