Queen of Dragons

I’m happy to have taken a lot of progress shots of the drawing I’ve been working on over the past few months, “Queen of Dragons”. Each layer of colored pencil is bringing out subtle changes and morphing the drawing completely every time I sit down to work on her!

Progress Shot - Queen of Dragons.jpg

The first layers are almost immeasurable in their differences; all of the subtle blue, purple, and orange tones are being worked in. I’ve been committed to shading completely in color and not to use any black or gray at all in this piece, which I’ve relied on heavily in the past. I don’t have a formula for color shading; I just pay very close attention to the color tones in the photo references that I used in this case. Without references, it’s much easier to develop the colors that you want. There are always “happy accidents” as well!

Progress Shot 2 -Queen of Dragons.jpg

If I had known that I would be spending so much time working on her, I would have spent a lot more time on proportions instead of mostly free-handing it, but I do like the way she’s turned out. I’m definitely excited to be finished!

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